Perfect French Press


-Standard French Press

-Coffee blend of your choice; I use Levazza

-tablespoon measure


-pot or kettle

-timer or stopwatch

-wooden cooking spoon


Optional ingredients:






Fill your French press with cold water until just 1” below the rim. Pour the water into the pot or kettle you’ll be using to boil water. Set pot on burner, set to high, and wait until water comes to a boil. While waiting for water to boil, measure out 6-8 tablespoons of ground coffee (depending on your preference of strength/flavor) and dump into the bottom of empty French press.

Once water has come to a boil, take off burner and set on non-heated area of stove for 1 minute exactly. Once the minute is up, gently pour over the coffee grounds in the press. Mix coffee and water by sticking handle end of wooden spoon in the mixture with pressing motions (do not stir, just push in to bottom, then pull straight up, several times). Let the mixture sit for 4 minutes. Once 4 minutes is up, take the lid part of press and with handle pulled all the way up, place lid onto press and secure. Slowly (key word!) press the handle down until fully pressed. Do not press fast or this could cause extremely hot coffee to splash out the spout and cause injury.

Immediately pour carefully into cups while holding the top, and serve with cream, sugar, milk, etc., as desired.  Enjoy!