Happy Fall


KIMONO: LuLaRoe Lindsay (shop similar pieces here) JEANS: American Eagle, size up 1 (link here)

Fun fact: cheetah is my favorite print along with stripes & florals. Cheetah is considered a neutral, so you can pair it with floral, stripes, polka, etc.! Pattern mixing tip: always pair a small pattern with a big one. For ex., small stripe with big floral or vice versa.

What’s your favorite time of year? For me, it’s definitely fall. The colors and fashion layers are my favorite part. Fall is here again, slightly. It’s been humid & really hot here in the midwest so I’m looking forward to the cool down that fall/winter brings.

I’m on a jegging kick right now. The jegging is so comfortable and easy to wear with practically any wardrobe item. I wore two of my favorite pairs this weekend. The LuLaRoe kimono is perfect for the weather right now with fluctuating temps, too!


Night #2 outfit details:

TOP: LuLaRoe Irma Tunic, runs 2x big (shop similar pieces here) JEANS: American Eagle; size up 1 (shop here) FLATS: Tieks Leopard TTS (shop here) NECKLACE: Charming Charlie (shop here)

I get asked a lot, “what are Tieks?” One of my favorite go-to flats is a pair of my Tieks. Tieks are a brand of Italian handmade leather ballet flats that you can only order online, currently. They come in all colors, lots of beautiful patterns and have excellent craftsmanship. I do recommend the “classic” pairs over the printed pairs (like my leopard pair shown here) because my leopard pair isn’t AS comfortable since the material on the outside is a bit different. They’re a bit steep in price but if you tend to wear flats a lot, these are the ones to invest in.

The rest of the afternoon will be spent catching up on emails, cleaning house, doing laundry, taking some outfit photos and probably a lot of pinning on Pinterest! I’ve decided I’ll be posting every Sunday and Thursday here so make sure to sign up for email updates so you don’t miss a thing!

That’s your cup of style for today, have a beautiful Sunday!

xoxo – Danielle



Meet Me


I’m Danielle, a 25 year old self-proclaimed stylist. I reside with my husband in Kansas City, MO where we have lived all our lives. We have two German Shepherd dogs, Mila + Jax, who are the apple’s of our eyes. Jared + I have been together 9 years this November and married for 3 in December. It’s a typical high-school sweetheart thing, even though it’s been tough. However, Jared is my rock and what always feels like home to me. He is my safe haven and I love him wih my whole heart.


Okay, let’s talk about my biggest passion: CLOTHING! I am a retailer for LuLaRoe and this has been my second saving grace (aside from Jared). This opportunity has not only provided me with financial stability but also helped me grow in countless ways. I get to bless lives by giving back (giveaways, charities, etc.) and help women feel amazing in their clothing! LuLaRoe has given me much more than just monetary value and I have been so grateful for it.

My goal on this blog is to be real, share makeup/hair tips, fashion inspiration, and just anything about LIFE as I know it. I plan to blog at least 4 times a week so make sure to sign up for my email subscription to stay in the know!

That’s all for your daily “cup of (life)style” today!

Stay beautiful, friends.

xoxo – Danielle