Cuppa Love

I am a HUGE fan of coffee and tea!

I’ve been enjoying coffee for only about 5 years or so. Mainly because I realized just why people love it so much: flavor AND caffeine. In that time, I have really enjoyed trying different blends and roasts. I do consider myself to be a slight coffee snob/diva only because of my passion for brewing or ordering the perfect cup. You can basically consider me an extended relative of Lorelei Gilmore.

Roasts/brewing method:

I prefer a light roast, and tend to enjoy coffee blends with a nutty flavor. I also prefer to grind my own coffee beans as I feel this produces the freshest taste.

French press vs Drip:

If given the choice, always go for French press! French press is, in my opinion, the best method for the absolute best taste. The freshness, the smoothness, the bold flavor… makes me want to whip one up just writing about it.

For my perfected French press recipe, click here.

My favorite coffee brands:

Cameron’s Coffee

I like Highlander Grog, Vanilla Hazelnut & Toasted Southern Pecan (favorite from this brand).

-I enjoy a cup of flavored coffee now and then. I don’t recommend for every single day use because if you’re like me, your mood determines what roast/flavor you crave that day. Always have a classic roast or breakfast blend on hand for when you’re not feeling up for the flavored blends.

Levazza: Classico

-This brand of coffee is probably my favorite. It’s great for French press if ground to the right texture, as well as for regular drip. I highly recommend using this coffee for French press though, it’s my go-to for that purpose!

Favorite Tea:

The Republic of Tea

-This is one of my favorite brands EVER. My #1 favorite is the Vanilla Black Almond – it’s incredibly smooth and delicious. This one can be a little hard to find, I usually order it online but some places (like Panera) have individual servings. However, it’s a must try!

Bigelow Tea

-More affordable and accessible via grocery stores. I’m a sucker for their green tea with some natural honey and a splash of lemon. A perfect cuppa tea!