Writing, nursing, life lately, etc.

The other day I found an old diary of mine and I thought, “I really want to write more, why don’t I write anymore?” I took a few minutes to flip through the pages and reimagine that time in my life when I wrote the words on the pages. My journal began during my freshman year of college and actually wrote in it semi-consistently for about 8 months. I relived days of happiness and even days of stress and frustration. I relished the posts about the time I spent with my grandma and even my cousin; both who are no longer here anymore because of cancer. Although bittersweet to read, I’m so glad I wrote those small details down.

So here I am, committing to writing more, and planning to write more posts weekly. I just think it’s amazing how we can keep online diaries in the form of blogs and share what’s going on in our lives. I loved writing in my hardback journal everyday even though I never knew if anyone would ever read it. And I get the same feeling typing in my blog. Who knows who will read it, and will they even care? But that’s the beauty of writing. For me, writing is an outlet, just like reading a great novel.

Today is my last day of spring classes and this semester will be memorable for me. The class I took was great but it’s really because of the time I spent this winter/spring mulling over career choices. I have a passion for many things and a highly creative mind but because of my constant over-analyzing, I’ve second guessed myself for a long time. I ask myself, would I be good at this? will I like what I am doing? Is there room for growth, advancement, etc? And i’ve shadowed a few different career choices in healthcare to narrow my selection, too. Many were happy when I decided to pursue nursing, some surprised. I’ve not always known I wanted to be a nurse but I know I would be good at it. I have known that I belong in healthcare because I genuinely care about people and want to help them. I want to educate people and promote health/wellness; two topics that I’m truly passionate about.

I just submitted the majority of my materials to my top two college choices this month, and I will hear back in the summer and fall. I’m extremely nervous and have been praying I get news that will allow me to start. If I get into my first school choice, I could be taking my NCLEX by summer of 2020. It’s exciting and frightening at the same time but I pray for this because I want my husband to have a normal life again. He works so hard for us and is constantly staying late to get over-time while I take classes and pursue nursing school. I’m so grateful to him and so proud of his hard work for us!

Anyway, besides wrapping up the academic semester and submitting nursing application materials, we’ve just been enjoying the nice weather. Jared’s been hunting for morel mushrooms the past weekend and a couple days after work. I try to take my dogs walking more often so they can expend some energy and I get some needed vitamin D lol This summer I plan to read a few books, visit farmer’s markets on the weekend’s, and do some much needed yard work and landscaping. What are your summer plans? Any vacations planned? Let me know in the comments.

xoxo Danielle

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