Living For the Weekend



TOP: LuLaRoe | CARDIGAN: LuLaRoe | JEANS: Charlotte Russe | SHOES: Matisse
| BELT: Amazonicon



CAMI: JC Penny (dupeicon linked) | CARDIGAN: LuLaRoe | JEANS: Charlotte Russe | BOOTS: Charlotte Russe

Why does the weekend fly by so fast? The week was really busy so I definitely needed that reprieve. This weekend the weather got soo chilly! It felt more like winter weather versus fall. Our trees here in KCMO don’t even know what to do – they started changing colors pretty late in season and then now since we’ve had a couple frosts, the leaves are falling! So we have trees that look like a combination of winter and fall lol Colorful and half naked. It’s the weirdest thing, the weather is totally out of sorts right now. icon

Saturday we spent time with family for a intimate gathering for Halloween. My step-dad LOVES Halloween and goes ALL out! I love his spirit for it, makes it so fun. This was probably one of the first years that I didn’t dress up. Oh well, there’s next year! Maybe I’ll be something tooth related since I’m a dental assistant now (haha). Anyway – I ate too much candy and chips ‘n dip but I loved spending time with fam + Jared so it was all worth the calories 😉

My new job has kept me really on my toes with learning and balancing LuLaRoe, not to mention blogging and taking pictures! I’m figuring it out, hoping to catch my grove soon. I’m really considering Dental Hygiene School for the next fall if I can get all the requisites done and finances figured out. I already have my BS degree so I would only need a few classes and lots of shadowing hours. I never knew how much I loved the dental field until this job came along. Fun fact though – I tried to pursue dental hygiene back in 2011 but went with another major instead. Should have just went for it! So this has probably been a long time coming. I am going to sit on it for awhile though to make sure I’m 100% sure before making any big decisions. I just pray that the Lord leads me where I am supposed to follow; a place where I can continue to serve and help the lives of others.

Tons of items at Charlotte Russe’s and LOFT
icon are on sale right now – be sure to snag yourself some great deals. I absolutely LOVE CR’s jeans and LOFT sweaters. You won’t be disappointed, lovely!

Have a beautiful week!

XOXO -Danielle


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