Back to Reality


This past weekend was so needed for Jared + I. It was so amazing to unplug from the world for a couple days and recharge our batteries.

We went on a canoe trip with family to Niangua River in Central Missouri. The cabins we stayed in (One Eyed Willy’s) were so charming and beautiful, too. The weather was absolutely perfect; cool at night for fires and 75 degrees during the day for canoeing. I don’t believe there could have been better weather for the occasion; although, we still all got sunburnt!

I lived in layers over the weekend since the weather shifted so much from night to day.  Right now I am really loving knit, open-front sweaters, paired with a light-weight tee underneath. I feel like layers are key to surviving fall and spring time here in the midwest, no doubt!

So today is back to reality; checking emails, cleaning house, laundry, running the boutique, etc. Not to mention I’m feeling a head cold coming on. That or it’s allergies. Not totally sure yet. All I wanted to do today was wear comfy sweaters and long sleeves but it’s like 83 degrees.

Despite the heat + headache, I did manage to get over to Charlotte Russe and LOFT today because they’re having AMAZING sales on so many good things. I had to share it with you all because what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t? LOFT is offering 50% off of EVERYTHING + Free shipping on all orders, y’all!! I could live in their sweaters for days. I love LOFT’s casual style and all the good wardrobe staples.

loft sale

TOP: LOFT (only $15 right now until tomorrow!) Wearing a medium in black.

So in addition to layers, I’m currently drawn to tops that expose the shoulder. They’re so in and feel so feminine. I love this one because it has a bell shaped sleeve and is really light weight. I plan to layer it with sweaters and denim jackets! So so in love. I feel like it’s great for everyday wear as well as date nights!

At Charlotte Russe I found an amazing olive colored sweater, some cute black distressed boyfriend jeans, and another shoulder cut-out top in Merlot color. They had some amazing deals so I felt like I got a steal plus I loved their selection.

All for now, y’all. I’m going to do some online shopping because I want ALL the things!

P.S. – Don’t tell hubby about the shopping 😉

XOXO – Danielle

2 thoughts on “Back to Reality”

  1. I also really love the off the shoulder tops! Your trip sounded amazing! I was just thinking the other day that I need to take a vacation like that. Is that purple in your hair in the first picture? I actually really love that on you!


    1. Me, too! I think they’re really comfortable too. You should take a little trip + get away for fall, you deserve it!
      My hair has some undertones of red in it, it keeps coming out in the sunlight. I had it dyed in the spring and it’s really showing lately haha. Thank you!! xoxo


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