Wine + Charcoal

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Outfit #1 Details

KIMONO: LuLaRoe Lindsay | TANK: Old Navy; dupe here | JEANS: AE; dupe here
icon | NECKLACE: Crystallized Necktize | WATCH: Michael Kors | SHOES: Rampage


Outfit #2 Details:

DUSTER CARDI: LuLaRoe Sarah (rest of outfit is the same, just changed layering pieces)

I love this time of year. Even though my skin looks like a porcelain doll in the winter months!

Two of my favorite loose layering pieces are that kimono and duster cardigan. I’ve found they’re easy to pair over any top and bottom, and their price range is very reasonable. I love the quality of the stitching, and also how many different materials are used ranging from light weight to a sweater feel. The jeans are one of my favorites because they’re stretchy yet hold you in, so GOOD! Plus they’re a high rise – say good-bye muffin top! The shoes are surprisingly comfortable for a couple hours of wear. I recommend bringing a pair of back up flats while wearing them for prolonged periods of time, though.

XOXO – Danielle

2 thoughts on “Wine + Charcoal”

  1. I like both but I think my favorite is the Lularoe Linsey Kimono with the brown shoes! I would have never of thought to put those together but they look great! Thanks for sharing!

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